Sunday, December 13, 2009


Welcome to the new Age of Glory blog. Check back soon for news and articles about wargaming with 28mm historicals. Coverage will include battle reports, scenarios, book and rules reviews, and thoughts about the state of the hobby.

Age of Glory is a stockist of 28mm historical miniatures from Perry Miniatures, Empress Miniatures, Great War Miniatures, Scarab Miniatures, and Warlord Games. Naturally, content will focus on these ranges.

What periods do I game? I have a massive 28mm English Civil War collection featuring Perry Miniatures and now Warlord Games figures. Much of the wargaming content will focus on the ECW, which is my favorite period. I also have a Great Northern War Swedish army (Foundry) that may appear from time to time. I am building collections for the American Civil War, the Great War (1918), the Zulu War, and the Wars of the Roses (as soon as I reveive those shiny new plastics from the Perry brothers).

I hope this blog will serve as a useful resource for wargamers who share my interests in some of the finest 28mm figures available today. See you on the other side of the table...

Age of Glory

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  1. Hi Steve!

    Great to see the Blog. I'm still working on AWI and Sudan projects and have thought about startng French Nappies, all in 28mm of course. I haven't been able to get to any shows since Historicon back in the summer, but I did get a friend to pick up Black Powder from you at Fall-In. What do you think of those rules?

    Bryan Vestal